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Virgo Zodiac Soy Candle



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    Keen on detail, Virgos get things done and revel in crossing off their checklists. As a nod to this perennial fixer, this tranquil fragrance may seem counterintuitive but ultimately belays the traits of the sign: calm, balance, built like a fortress. With notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane, this scent proves to be as valuable as what Virgos aim to be: exceptional all year round.
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    Reining supreme of all the astrological signs, the Virgo candle assume it’s rightful high honor! This scent is true to its ethereal virtues: meticulous, sophisticated, practical and achieves perfection in every way. This alluring scent will leave any space fragrant with wafts of morning delight juxtaposed among evening enchantments. It’s a celestial experience not to be missed lest forgotten. Find your inner Virgo ♍️ !